Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fuel The FireFighters 2018 Update

Here on Richland Chambers when an unfortunate circumstance arises and you have to call 911 the first person to your door will be a Volunteer Fireman.  These volunteers give their time, energy and efforts to providing our community with first responder service.  They often work on shoestring budgets to do the critical work of keeping our community safe.  Proper equipment and training is vital to help them accomplish their mission. 
You Can Help!!

The Donations have been coming in and so far we have over $17,000.00 pledged including cash and silent auction items.

Last year's total was around $24,000, so we still have a way to go.  Our VFD's need your participation, donations and silent auction items to help keep our homes and lives safe in time of need. Together we can beat last year's total!

Help us support our local heroes Saturday September 1st by taking part in the Fuel the Firefighters Poker Run and Silent Auction!
This is the third year we are putting together a Poker Run on Richland Chambers combined with a Silent Auction with all the proceeds going to the Lakeshore Area VFD's.
A $25 donation to the VFD's gets you a Hamburger Lunch, entry into the Silent Auction, a wristband and Live entertainment by The FOG.  All the festivities are going to be at The Harbor Restaurant and Northshore Marina starting at 9am.  The Poker Run starts at The Harbor Restaurant and has 5 stops out on the Lake.  At each stop you will receive a Poker Chip.  When all your chips are collected come back to the Harbor Restaurant and trade them in for cards.  The top 4 winning hands will receive Amazon gift cards of $500, $300, two $100 prizes. 

Ya'll come out for a fun day on the lake, meet your neighbors and support our first responders!
For more information visit:
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Shrimp Man Comes to Richland Chambers

There are lots of cool things about the Richland Chambers Lake Community. There are large and small happenings all over the lake. Impromptu gatherings on the water, at The Harbor Restaurant or on a friends dock all the way to the big Poker Run going on this year on September 1st. (more about that later).

One cool thing that has been going on since we've been here the last 10 years is the Shrimp Man.  Kyle Kimball from Nederland TX comes every fall and has a big freezer trailer full of  large, fresh caught, flash frozen, gulf shrimp for sale.  Every time he's here people come by land and by water from all over the lake with their coolers and line up to buy shrimp.

A gentleman by the name of Glynn Holloway used to live over in The Point on Richland Chambers.  When we first came out here it seemed like everybody knew Glynn.  Glynn came here in the early 90's when the lake was new.  He built a house and had a business building docks and walls and various other things. Glynn is quite the guy.  He knows "Kyle the Shrimp Man" and Kyle used to bring the shrimp to Glynn's house and folks all went there to get them.  Glenn has since sold his house and moved so now the shrimp man comes to Bob Capallo's house over in Fowler's Point

 The shrimp comes whole, head on and frozen solid. I usually just leave mine in the cooler overnight, (because Kyle comes on Saturdays) and Saturday afternoons in August is lake time!  Then on Sunday morning or afternoons go out to the dock, turn on the water hose, some music and clean shrimp.  I just toss the heads and anything else into the water as chum for the fish.  When you buy the shrimp they are diligent to tell you how to preserve them.  They tell you to clean them, put in freezer bags, cover in water with a tablespoon of Karo syrup mixed in.  I'm not sure how it works but the Karo syrup in the water does a great job of preserving them.  We've had them sit in the freezer for a year+ and they are always in great shape when we want them.
There is a shrimp list to let everyone know when he's coming.
If you would like to be on the shrimp list for next year, let me know!  johnteelremax@gmail.com

These shrimp are always super fresh and delicious, right out of the water! So however you like your shrimp: boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, shrimp burger, shrimp soup, shrimp gumbo, shrimp sandwich, shrimp salad.... this is a good thing!!  And by the way, this year these beauties were only $6.00 a pound!  Richland Chambers is a great place!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Richland Chambers Real Estate August 2018

 The Real Estate Market around Richland Chambers is in a state now that we have never seen before around the lake.  There have been as many waterfront homes sell in the last 90 days as are for sale today. Yes. 34 homes on the water have sold in the last 90 days and today 34 active listings make up the available waterfront home inventory.  Think about that for a minute.  If all things were equal and the current rate continued (perfect world kind of stuff) every available waterfront home would sell and there would be nothing for sale by November.  Wow, that is a crazy thought.  We've been out here for 10 years and the real estate home market is the best it has been in that time and probably ever.  We are a relatively young market (the lake filled in 1989) so the number of homes on the lake ten years ago compared to today on the lake was much less.  So there weren't as many homes to sell as there are today.

There have been as many waterfront homes sell in the last 90 days as are for sale on the lake today.

In 2015 we saw as many as 110 waterfront homes on the market in July of that year.  The lake had just filled that spring and the housing market in general was improving all over the country.  Since then there have been  a total of  213 waterfront homes on Richland Chambers sell through today. So if you have a home on or around Richland Chambers and are thinking about selling now may very well be best time ever.  Simple economics tell us that low supply and high demand means increased value.  
As a buyer if you have been searching for a waterfront home on any lake in Texas Richland Chambers still represents the best value for waterfront property anywhere.  The unspoiled beauty, uncrowded water plus getting in on the early stages of what is destined to be the best waterfront community in the State make this area the best waterfront investment available.
Call us for more info!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ever heard of Matterport 3D?

This thing is way cool!!....Matterport 3D Imaging is the latest, cutting edge, Real Estate  Marketing tool for showcasing homes and other spaces.   
Doll House View
Matterport 3D Imaging allows you be virtually inside of a home!  Matterport is a 3 Dimensional Imaging System that allows the viewer to personally tour your home in amazing 3D!  You can see everything; walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures and more, all in amazing detail, right on your screen, from almost any angle and direction!
Floor Plan View
The Teel Team at RE/MAX LakeSide Dreams on Richland Chambers Lake is thrilled to add this Incredible Tool to 
Our Marketing Plan!
We have always been committed to providing our Sellers the absolute best marketing and attention to detail of any Real Estate company ANYWHERE!  It is our our mission to provide our Sellers with the greatest exposure to the most potential buyers.  Combine that with a second to none online presentation featuring the best and most cutting edge tools... 
That equals a recipe for Selling Success!
Virtual Walk Through, Explore the 3D Space

Matterport is even compatible with Virtual Reality systems.  Allow your potential buyers to experience your home in a way never possible before with the cutting edge in Real Estate Marketing Tools!

Check out our latest Matterport 3D Tours!
Contact us today to put this incredible technology to work for you!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Richland Chambers Lake Level Feb 2018

So if you live on Richland Chambers or any other Texas Lake the lake level is always on your mind.   Somewhere in your thoughts, whether the lake is up or down, you're thinking about the lake level.  Sometimes in the summer you jump off your dock and its a long way to the bottom.  And then  you're out on the boat one day and you see a sand bar you haven't seen in a while.  Or, you wake up one morning and the water is up to your dock!  
So what's the lake level now?
Here is a chart of Richland Chambers Lake Level  up to February 11, 2018 for the last five years. 
Richland Chambers Lake Level
 Taken from: http://richlandchambers.uslakes.info/Level.asp

This chart represents more than 9,000 daily lake level entries and tracks the lake since January of 1990. It shows the majority of lows occur in the winter, this time of year. Also Richland Chambers fills very rapidly. The average fluctuation for this chart is: 312.46 which is a 2.54 ft fluctuation. 
To see a bigger version of this go to:  BuyRCLakeLakeLevelHistory 
So where does it need to rain to fill the Lake?

Like most Texas lakes, Richland Chambers is a rainfall dependent lake.  There has to be appreciable rainfall in the watershed to keep the lake full. 
Here is a map of where it needs to rain to fill Richland Chambers Lake.
Richland Chambers Lake Watershed
The orange area is out of the 100 yr flood plain and any major floodway
This map is a work in progress and shows the approximate boundaries of the Richland Chambers Lake Watershed. Also all the creeks that need to fill and flow in order to fill RC Lake. The watershed is approximately 1947 square miles, stretching into 6 counties.  It can be divided into two major sections by following the creeks. 
The Richland Creek Watershed and the Chambers Creek Watershed  These two can be further divided by major creek sections and both include a Corps of Engineer Lake, Lake Bardwell and Navarro Mills Lake. These lakes are used to hold back flood flood waters and control the amount of water going downstream to Richland Chambers and ultimately the Trinity River. 
In the life of the lake the average fluctuation is less than 3ft.  
They built Richland Chambers here for a reason, a lot of water comes this way to form the 3rd largest lake in Texas!!
So far we seem to be in a rainy groove this winter, let's hope it continues!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Boat Show Fun!

Good Friends, good times at the Dallas Boat Expo!

Last Friday was the first day of the DFW Boat Expo otherwise known as the Boat Show at Market Hall.  It is always free on the first night so we headed up to Dallas With some neighbors and friends, John and Judy Baker.  

Funny thing was the first time we ever met these guys was at the boat show 9 or ten years back. We quickly became fast friends because we share the same love for all  things related to fun, lake and boating and so we thought it appropriate to go together since the last two times we went, we ran into them and hung out.(Evidence of small world stuff)

We had a booth at this same boat show for several years when we first opened our office at the Lake and it was always curious to us that there were so many folks that did not know the location of Richland Chambers Lake and that many had never heard of it before. Those folks are really missing out!!

This is probably due to the fact that no entity  has ever promoted the Lake at the boat shows other than a  few developers, Oak Cove (in the early days)  and a few real estate brokerages  along the way including yours truly.   

It has been a couple of years since we attended the boat show.  The last time we went was in 2105, we became the proud and blessed owners of a 2015 Bennington Red Tritoon boat!  We had owned a 2001 Bennington prior and knew that we needed a  new one  after  breaking down in the middle of the lake on a hot summer afternoon with temperatures soaring at over 100 degrees.  I’ll never forget our embarrassment nor  the lucky guy who happened to be our client and passenger that day who was not exactly thrilled and was smoldering in his seersucker slacks and polo shirt(Not exactly boat attire.)
It was not a great day but it did lead to beautiful memory shortly thereafter when Ruby was delivered all bright and shiny after our trip to the boat show that year.

2015 Bennington 

We have a history of taking advantage of the boat show “specials”.  
We have found the deals are always better and I am frugal by nature.  
When we first opened the office, we were invited on a Seadoo Sunday outing with some friends we met at the lake.   We had never ridden a jet ski and so we borrowed a Kawasaki
From some friends, the Woods.  John and I started out that day with excitement and anticipation.   The 10 of us would ride from boat house to boathouse saying hi to other friends and hanging out along the way.  We ended up at our first stop that day over at some friends, the Capallos.  As we approached, we slowed down, John made a small shift in direction and bloop, we both ended up in the water. (My Chanel sunglasses are still at the bottom over there if anyone needs a pair.). That was just  the first of many pair to lose in this lake!.  Long story shortened,  I was like a beached whale trying to get back up on that Kawasaki without a step, so our good friend and neighbor, Dan Wilkie was kind enough to let me up on his Seadoo (it had a step) with him and I could easily maneuver myself up on it!  

Richland Chambers Veterans
I will have to say that motorcycles scare me to death so I was shocked and surprised that I fell in love so quicklywith jet skiing and particularly the Seadoo!   It was the following weekend we went to our first boat show and I became the proud new owner of the  Seadoo of my choice……. A beautiful Red Wake 155.  Shortly thereafter, John also got his first seadoo, the Wake 255.  We decked them out with REMAX logos and ran all over this lake delivering contracts and meeting up with buyers to see properties and houses.     
2018 Seadoo 300 RXT-X

Many years have passed, and recently we have been on the look out for the color red to replace our older and tired models.
It has been very difficult to find the right colors,  Seadoo has been manufacturing all these funky new colors and no red ones!  Well last night at the boat show, we wandered around for a couple of hours trying to find red ones.

Interestingly enough, red is still hard to find but we were able to find some pretty cool gray ones with red trim 
So we are now the proud and excited owners of our second set of Seadoos!  This time we bought the 300 model.

So, see you on the lake this year!  We will be coming by to say hi on our spiffy new Seadoos and we are so excited.

Parker having a good time!
Oh and…a word of warning.  Do not go to the boat show unless you want to have a great time and be tempted by all the wonderful things of water!   

Trying to get John to sign on the bottom line
Good looking ride!