Friday, October 17, 2014

Richland Chambers Lake Level Oct 2014

Richland Chambers Lake Level

The last 5 years at Richland Chambers Lake have seen 3 of the 5 lowest water levels in lake history.  The lowest water level Richland Chambers has seen was in 2006 when the lake reached 11.5 ft below pool level on Dec 3rd.  The second lowest level before these last five years was in 1996 when the lake reached 7ft below pool. Through 2008 the Richland Chambers Lake level averaged about 2.9 ft below the pool level of 315. So the normal fluctuation for most of the life of the lake has been +/- 3ft.  We have been getting more frequent rain this fall only hopefully the drought that a lot of the nation has experienced will finally break for us.
Graph taken from US Lakes online
The was designed a s a rainfall lake.  The watershed is 1957 square miles and touches 6 counties. The lake has filled very rapidly in the past from record lows.  The record low in Dec of 2006 (11.5ft)  saw the lake full by the end of the following February and from 2011's low of 8.75 ft the lake filled by the second week of March 2012.  Man that was a fun summer on the water!!!

Richland Chambers will fill again and hopefully this fall and winter...

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