Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rescue the Rescue Boat on Richland Chambers is a Success!!!

Thank You to our great community for your generosity!! 
RC 287 Firefighters putting up a new sign, Thanks guys!!

Wow!! Thanks to everyone who donated! Thanks to all the volunteers for their unflinching hard work!  Thanks to all who ran the Poker Run!  and Thanks to everyone who showed up to eat, check out the auction and listen to the Band. 

Miran, Dwight and John cooking burgers

Our wonderful community donated, volunteered and participated.  There were 111 Poker hands played and we fed 190 hamburgers. The final total of cash donations, entry donations and silent auction proceeds was over $22,000.00. ALL of which went straight to 287 RC Fire and Rescue.
Volunteer Michael Landon grabs a burger

Darryl Medford of Fisherman's Cove Lodge generously donated a 9000 lb Hydro Hoist boat lift system and Northshore Marina has relocated the Rescue Boat Slip to the deep water end of the docks.  
Firefighter Miran Sedlacek said "We were flat on our rear, but now we are firmly on our feet!"

Volunteer Helen Arrowood on the "Floating Stop" during the run

RC 287 maintains and mans the only rescue boat on Richland Chambers Lake.  If you're in trouble on the water and call 911 these guys are the first responders. Julie and I wanted to do a Poker Run on the lake and when we learned of the Fire Department's need "Rescue the Rescue Boat" was born.  
Volunteer Mike Frankos calls the Poker hands

John Gantt of 287 RC said "We went out on a limb and took out a loan to buy the motor and fix the boat hoping for community support. It was a big risk but the community came through for us."  RC 287 Fire and Rescue is a total volunteer organization and they are funded only by donations and grants.  Without the fine people in our community they would not exist.

We appreciate everyone who donated, I apologize in advance if I've missed someone

Hoping to be the lucky one!
So again a huge Thank You to everyone who helped make our first Fund Raiser a huge success. Also a shout out Thanks to my bandmates in The FOG; Vernon, Gary and Brad (who didn't realize this wasn't a paying gig). (They really didn't care)
Julie and I are hoping to make this an annual event to benefit the Richland Chambers Lake Community.

Checking cards, looking for the winning hand

Winning Hands

Chris and John Gantt

Having a good time listening to The FOG

Fun, Fun...
Yours truly 

The Rescue Boat

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