Friday, January 13, 2017

Places Around Richland Chambers

Wow 2017 is upon us so here we go... Places around Richland Chambers Lake...
There are lots of good things about Richland Chambers Lake, fishing, wildlife, scenery...but maybe the best thing about our lake is the peace and quiet.  Before the lake was filled in 1989 there was not much at all out here.  Just woods, pasture land, ranch land and bottom land.  My family and I used to travel down US Hwy 287 to Palestine to visit my grandparents when I was a kid.  In those days on 287 between Corsicana and Palestine there were a lot of woods, a small store at Eureka, another at Cayuga and a couple of memorable bridges across Chambers Creek and the Trinity river and that was it. Now when you come down 287 you'll find Richland Chambers Lake the 3rd largest body of water in the State of Texas and lot of nice houses and neighborhoods.  So what else is out here?

Les and Bev York
From most parts of the lake it is about 20-30 minutes to the closest town.  But when you get out here to enjoy the lake there are some places around you need to know about that can save you time and money.   Richland Chambers Hardware and Lumber is one of those places.  The "Hardware Store on the south side"  is a great place.  Les and Bev York do a fantastic job providing a huge inventory of items (more than 15,000!) at competitive prices. 
Yes, speaking from experience, competitive prices. 
They carry pretty much everything you would expect from a hardware store (no skimping here) along with fishing supplies, landscaping supplies, and lots more. (They live here, know the area and can tell you just what you need and when you need it for your yard.)  They are also a "Boat Hoist" dealer.  They carry all manner of boat dock supplies and parts and can quickly get their hands on anything you may need to keep your dock up and running in tip top shape.  Most of us have  lake-fed irrigation systems.  Les and Bev have all the parts to repair it and keep it running including pumps, relays, fittings, pipe, etc...
Their lumber rack is kept full and they have lots of varieties of dimensional lumber at prices that you will find very competitive with the big orange store.  So no need to haul a bunch of stuff from the big city for your weekend project at the lake.  Shop locally right here on the south side and you will be surprised at the prices and level of friendly service you can find. They also deliver!!
They are "Large enough to serve you and small enough to know you!!"
Check them out at  or call 903.389.4411
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