Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Richland Chambers Real Estate August 2018

 The Real Estate Market around Richland Chambers is in a state now that we have never seen before around the lake.  There have been as many waterfront homes sell in the last 90 days as are for sale today. Yes. 34 homes on the water have sold in the last 90 days and today 34 active listings make up the available waterfront home inventory.  Think about that for a minute.  If all things were equal and the current rate continued (perfect world kind of stuff) every available waterfront home would sell and there would be nothing for sale by November.  Wow, that is a crazy thought.  We've been out here for 10 years and the real estate home market is the best it has been in that time and probably ever.  We are a relatively young market (the lake filled in 1989) so the number of homes on the lake ten years ago compared to today on the lake was much less.  So there weren't as many homes to sell as there are today.

There have been as many waterfront homes sell in the last 90 days as are for sale on the lake today.

In 2015 we saw as many as 110 waterfront homes on the market in July of that year.  The lake had just filled that spring and the housing market in general was improving all over the country.  Since then there have been  a total of  213 waterfront homes on Richland Chambers sell through today. So if you have a home on or around Richland Chambers and are thinking about selling now may very well be best time ever.  Simple economics tell us that low supply and high demand means increased value.  
As a buyer if you have been searching for a waterfront home on any lake in Texas Richland Chambers still represents the best value for waterfront property anywhere.  The unspoiled beauty, uncrowded water plus getting in on the early stages of what is destined to be the best waterfront community in the State make this area the best waterfront investment available.
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