Monday, March 4, 2013

Windy Monday calls for

Live weather station display
It is WINDY today!!  Gusts to 34mph.  So, I have to blog about one of my favorite weather sites:
CORAD is for Corsicana Radar.  Anytime I need access to reliable local weather information and from multiple sources this is where I go.
 There is  Doppler radar station out on the west side of Corsicana.  The guys that built it and own it (I think they still own it) maintain a great website with all kinds of links to lots of cool sites.  Most are weather related and some are for stuff like stream flow information, lake levels and the local Emergency Corps.  I met one of the guys that helped establish the radar some years ago.  He said they don't operate it all the time but get requests to crank it up when rough weather hits the area. Good stuff, check it out.  You can also find it at .

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