Monday, March 11, 2013

"Rain, Rain come again another"

Richland Chambers Lake Spillway
This is a cool picture I took back in 2009 of the damn on Richland Chambers after some big rains in September and October, of all months.  The lake went from almost 5 feet low on September the 13th to more than a foot over by October 15th, rising more than a foot a week. 
Richland Chambers Lake Watershed
Most years,  Richland Chambers Lake fills in the late winter and spring so 2009 was not the norm, but it does demonstrate how fast the lake can fill.  The watershed for Richland Chambers covers 1957 square miles. It stretches into 6 counties eventuating in the confluence of Richland Creek and Chambers Creek (now in the middle of the lake).  Bardwell Reservoir is the headwaters of Chambers Creek and Navarro Mills Reservoir is the headwaters of Richland Creek.  Both are Army Corps of Engineers lakes and have 26 and 28 foot flood stages respectively.  One of the main functions of  Bardwell and Navarro Mills  is flood control. Water can be impounded and released into Richland Chambers all we need is a couple of good rains in the right spots!
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  1. hi i will like to know if somwone know the frequecncy of this event back in 2009.