Monday, October 28, 2013

Time goes by, and life goes on

A lot of time has passed, about a month since I posted. Once again life deals you all sorts of cards.  No matter how ready you think you are for the inevitable passing of a loved one it affects you.  My Father passed away about 2 weeks ago. At 85 years old he had been under hospice care for some time and was not doing very well.  My mother, sister, brother and I thought his time was not far off and I personally thought I was prepared.  I can't say I've ever been depressed but this has sure made me feel ways I've never known.  My Dad was a good man who taught us the value of family and hard work.  Mom and he were married 64 years and we were raised in a loving, caring environment our entire growing up.  Mom is doing Ok and my brother and sister and I are getting back to regular life.  Thanks to everyone who gave me kind words and supported us through this time. It was truly enjoyable to see so many old friends and family even under the circumstances and the tenderness and kindness from everyone truly touched us.  We will miss our Dad and look forward to being with him again in eternity.

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