Sunday, September 22, 2013

Richland Chambers Lake Level after the rain..

We have been in the throws of an historic drought in our Great State for about 3 years or more, depending on who you listen to or what you read.  There are some 'dire' forecasts out there if you want to find them. Texas Lake Levels are at 67% capacity that much has been reported and documented.  Richland Chambers Lake Level was just about 10 feet below pool before the recent rains that fell across the State last Thursday and Friday.  I can tell you from being out and about that we were really crispy dry.
LakeSide Dreams last Friday

 The consensus on the rainfall we received at the lake is about 5".  I've heard from several Richland Chambers residents the last few days from all around the lake and that seems to be a safe estimate.  RC Lake itself came up about a quarter of a foot as a result of the about 24 hour deluge.  Though that is not much considering where we are, everything is a little bit greener and way less crispy.  This morning was cool, about 56 degrees, and the dew was very heavy, ah yes fall is just around the corner.

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