Monday, January 26, 2015

What are the good deals on Richland Chambers?

What are the good deals on Richland Chambers Lake?....

Ah, the magic question.  Every buyer wants to get a good deal. Depending on what you're looking for, buyers at Richland Chambers Lake generally find them.  Waterfront homes, waterfront lots, acreage tracts and off water lots are for sale around our lake.

We are in the throws of an historic drought and the lake has been down for two years now.  (Richland Chambers lake level will come back but that is the subject of another blog installment)
So, do sellers get more motivated when the water is down?

Let me first say that seller's motivations are always on a case to case basis and each person has their own goals they are driven towards which ultimately contribute to the pricing of their home.
Any category of waterfront home listings has its standouts. To be the next one to sell in a tight market you must be the best in your category with regards to location, condition and pricing.  So as time goes by sellers may make adjustments to position themselves to be the next one to sell.

So, as a buyer what are the good deals?  How do you know?
Ask yourself two questions:
First: Do you like it?
Second:How does it compare to similar listings (in regards to location, condition and pricing)?

Here is an example of a good deal on Richland Chambers Lake:
153 Stockton Point  Sweetwater Ranch
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It is located on the Chambers arm of the lake out on a point with a south-south-westerly orientation. The home is in Sweetwater Ranch on RC Lake. Sweetwater Ranch is a very quiet neighborhood with several beautiful homes and lots of nature.
Inside and out, his home is move in ready.  All it needs is you to make it your own.
At $363,000 this is a lot for the money. Compared to what is out there no matter what lake you're considering this is a good deal!

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