Tuesday, February 3, 2015

No more registration!!

Yes I have finally seen the light! No more registration necessary on BuyRCLake.com or BuyCorsicanaHomes.com to see property details.
After 5+ years of BuyRCLake and 10+ of BuyCorsicanaHomes.com requiring customers to register with their email to see property details, no more!  Feel free to peruse all the information about any and all listings on our websites without having to register and sign in.
Richland Chambers Lake is an incredibly beautiful area and one of our greatest commodities is peace and quiet.  When you get out here you don't want to leave so online shopping becomes your friend. (The UPS guy and me are on a first name basis).
Apart from Amazon, I find myself frequenting and buying from websites that do not require me to register and give personal information up front.  So, on the advice of an 'in the know' friend and being honest with myself........No more registration necessary on BuyRCLake.com or BuyCorsicanaHomes.com to see all the details.

Whew!  "Merry Christmas, where's the Tylenol..."
LakeSide Dreams circa 2008
Customer arriving by helicopter 2010

Out on the lake with Captain Ron 2012

Lake Resident Dan Wilkie in action 2011

The Taumatangi launched on Richland Chambers 2011

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