Monday, March 9, 2015

Been a while

Ok, its been awhile since the last post, a lot can happen in a month.
The market on Richland Chambers has heated up some this early spring.  I would not say it is burning the woods down but some things have started to move and we have closed a few homes. There have been 3 waterfront homes close in 2015 and 3 are pending.
Lake lots seem to continue to be slow with only two closing in 2015 so far.  It is tough to sell a lake lot when the water has been down now for over two years.
The recent rains are promising and the lake is up a little over a foot from it's lowest point of late. We are hoping for more rain to come.  Boat ramps are open at at least two points on the lake, Oak Cove Marina and Fisherman's cove on the south side.

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