Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Saga of the Boat

The Saga of the Boat.

Well, 'saga' may be a strong word.  We have definitely had more exciting and even harrowing adventures on the boat over the years than this most recent tale, but here we go...
On a trailer for the first time in years
 A boat is a wonderful thing, especially on Richland Chambers with miles of lake to explore.  Last fall we were out checking out a place from the water and taking some pictures. Not paying enough attention and staring at my camera phone, we were blown into shore rather quickly.  While making a hasty retreat I hit something in the water.  We made it back to the slip ok and, long story short, after some relatively minor repairs and maintenance over the winter it was time to relaunch our trusty craft.  So last week while the temps were dropping with the help of two good friends and a borrowed trailer we launched the boat at Oak Cove Marina.   Richland Chambers Lake level is still pretty low but Jerry has done a good job with his ramp over the years.  Rooter and I took off and made the trip around to the Shores Marina and tied up in the slip.   Richland Chambers is a beautiful place.
Rooter, bundled up for launch
The Ramp at Oak Cove
Lake resident Roy Cundiff from his good side

Heading out

US Hwy 287 Bridge

This last Sunday afternoon was beautiful, Parker and I took a little spin

In the slip
The bridge is a thing of beauty


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