Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Boat for Richland Chambers Lake

We got a New Boat!!
The new boat

 One really great event in 2015 for Julie and I was getting a new boat!  Yeah Baby!  We have had a 23' 2003 Bennington Tritoon that served us well for the last few years. We enjoyed it thoroughly and discovered Richland Chambers Lake on that boat.  (If anyone is interested in buying it let me know, I'll sell it cheap!)

 But 2015 was the year for a new ride.

Decked out with Christmas lights 2 days before Christmas

We loaded up one July afternoon with some good friends from here on the lake, Mike and Laura plus our son Parker and headed to the Dallas Summer Boat Show. (I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the car that knew what was going to happen that night.)  We looked and looked at all the different brands but my heart was set on Bennington.  I like the size of the 23' boat, it's easy to get around in the tight spots we find ourselves in showing property to our customers and clients.

 We upgraded from a 115 hp Mercury on the old boat to a 150 Yamaha on the new one. It gives us plenty of power to pull a tube and give the rider(s) a thrill plus get from place to place quickly.   Bennington offers dozens of seating configurations to fit any needs.  Julie wanted the loungers in the back and I like the front and back decks for fishing. Though I can see a true fishing boat in my future, out there somewhere.....

I'm not trying to sound like a Bennington commercial as there are plenty of great boats out there. 
I will say one thing, a Tritoon boat is worth the money.  You get half again as much buoyancy as a pontoon boat which makes the craft ride higher in the water resulting in more stability, speed and maneuverability. Just my opinion....

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  1. You do not sound like a Bennington commercial, but you do sound like someone who appreciates a high quality boat. It is good to have a boat that can fit inside tight spots and drive to your destination quickly. The loungers and decks sound like a great compromise for the boat. I am sure you are going to find the right fishing boat within the next few years.