Thursday, January 7, 2016

Kayaking on Christmas Day!

Christmas Day 2015 on the lake....

You've got to love North Texas weather! Christmas day this year our youngest daughter Kelsey and I got in the kayaks and went for a spin on Christmas Day.  After we spent the morning drinking coffee, opening presents, playing games and enjoying family time, we were kayak bound. The lake was calm the temperature was perfect and a kayak adventure was had on Richland Chambers.  Granted we didn't see much of the 3rd largest lake in the state by kayak, but we did have a lot of fun.  Wildlife is abundant on the lake and we saw Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Mallards, Cormorants, White Pelicans and many other wonderful birds.  Great fun on a Christmas afternoon.
Since then it has gotten colder and the kayaks haven't seen any action.  Our first freeze is forecast for this Saturday night and I have to admit it is time for some winter weather
Our boathouse, kayaks on the walkway..

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