Monday, May 9, 2016

Summary May 9, 2016


Alright intentions. it's awkward to tell the world you're going to blog, not do so regularly and then try to start again.  So, to quote the great Tom Petty " me drink, sing me a song, take as I come cause I can't stay long..."

It's has been a very interesting and busy spring.   First of all GO
RANGERS!!!   (the good guys dress in in red,white and blue and have a T on their hat).  Yes, it is Baseball season, Ahh, great game...

Spring is always a hopeful time and the land looks lush and beautiful.  Business is busy and there is lots of energy in the market and all around Richland Chambers.

The coaster I bought at the Edgwater

Julie and I have worked a lot and traveled a little.  We journeyed to Seattle to visit our daughter Kelsey a couple of weekends ago and had one of those magical trips.   We stayed at The Edgewater where the famous Beatles picture was taken.  

Kelsey actually threw us a "Meet the Parents" party at her house. That was kinda cool (actually very cool).   After that we traveled across the water to Woodinville, WA.  Come to find out Woodinville is the home of tasting rooms for wineries of the Washington Valley.  We saw great live music and sampled some of Washington's finest.  We lodged at the Willows Lodge, very nice, and were within walking distance of all the festivities.

Here are some more pictures, you know they tell 1,000 words apiece..

The FOG in action the 4th Friday this April
(Brad is to the right, didn't make the picture)
Yours truly at the Edgwater

Beautiful night on our boathouse

Going to work on Saturday morning...

Bucket list moment, playing a Beatles' song at the Edgewater
yeah I know...

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