Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Middle of July Ramblings...Lake Life...

K on the Holiday on Richland Chambers Lake
Wow,  July 4th 2016 was here, now gone and we're still here. God has saw fit to bless us with a great year so far.  Let's look forward to next July 4th, 2017, right.
The lake has been full and over full all year. The Real Estate market has been busy and things have been moving.  Some categories faster than others certainly and we've seen appreciation in some and not so much in others.
The fishing has been good in spurts from what I can tell.  The guides always catch fish and my neighbors have had real good days and some when you just couldn't make 'em bite.  We catch fish off the dock pretty regularly, I'm ready to go out on the lake fishing...  seems like there is always something to do. But! The fishing /project boat is almost ready.  The "Green Eyed Lady" should make an appearance soon!

Kayaking in the evening the cove is
perfect a lot of nights...

You can identify yourself as a lake rat by the scope and volume of your water activities. Julie and I enjoy being on the water, in the water, looking at the water, talking about the water... Some afternoons we just go and jump off the dock and float with a cocktail and tunes.

Julie, Hope and I went on a "Northern Adventure" a couple of weeks ago looking at a house in Pearl Valley.  We checked it out, then went on north up the Chambers arm until we had enough of the timber.  We turned west and went across to Sunrise Estates.  We've been further north to Bluffview on a couple of occasions but Julie had had enough that day. So we turned the Bennington around and eased back south ... (in different watercraft we would have kept on going!)
Fun in the Sun!

More neighbors

We've taken a lot of folks out on the boat this year looking at property, showing houses and just spending a lot of time on the lake.  The water has been fine and the lake is beautiful.  We had a card game on the lake a few weeks ago from dock to dock.  Here's some of the neighbors.
Southern Oaks
Good lookin' Richland Chambers dock

Home sweet home
There are still a lot of good deals to be had on waterfront lots,  now is the time to buy if you have ever thought about it.
 So there is still a lot of summer left and the water is fine!

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