Monday, April 17, 2017

Gone Fishing...

The big fish broke the lure
Julie catching a double

It's Spring Time and the fishing is on at RC. Julie, our son Parker and I took off last Wednesday afternoon and went fishing.  We went out of Fisherman's Cove Lodge with Joe Moore about 2:00 that afternoon and had a blast.  Joe kept us on fish all day long.

Our catch for the day

We fished out on the main body of Richland Chambers in usually around 30 ft of water.  Joe was following the bottom structure of the lake and knew where the fish would be.  We took home 75 White Bass, 5 Hybrids and a 25 pound Yellow Cat.  It was a great afternoon.
25 lb Yellow Catfish
Julie's blister from reeling in fish
Joe kept us out for about 4 hours until we limited out on keeper White Bass, (25 each).  We probably caught twice as many fish as we kept, we threw back everything that was too small.  Joe used his Fish Finder/GPS  to keep us on top of the fish all afternoon. The catch of the day was the big Yellow Cat. This is some of the best catfish you will ever eat!

Any day fishing is a good day!

Fisherman's Cove Lodge is located off of State Highway 309 off of 287 on the north shore of the main body of the lake.  They offer guided fishing and hunting trips.  Check them out and even book online at
Check out Joe Moore at www.HookedupGuide
All you have to do is just show up.  They provide everything for the trip and then clean and bag your fish for you when you're done.

Happy Fishing!

Cooler full of fish!

Joe Moore cleaning our catch

Parker in Action

Joe with a Hybryd

Landing the big Yellow Cat

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