Monday, January 29, 2018

Life at Richland Chambers

It’s January on Richland Chambers lake.  Time to implement those New Years Resolutions.  Move your body more and swear off sweets, booze and all things toxic for your body for a season.

You may be wondering, what is there to do at the lake to keep you active?  Well, there are so many things that you can do to keep you in shape. 

There are ladies that carpool to Corsicana for Yoga and Zumba class.  These classes are great but I can’t do the travel time and join these fun ladies since I’m still working. So we run down to the clubhouse (we live in The Shores) for a workout. On those occasional beautiful winter days we just take a walk or bike ride in the subdivision.

Once Spring is upon us, in just a short while, John and I will take the kayaks out for adventure.  We cruise the shorelines and enjoy the nature.  Now THAT is a great upper body workout with many benefits.

John and Kelsey on a winter day 2015
When the weather turns a bit warmer, we will get out our paddle boards. Talk about a workout for your core! Standing up on those things is a chore for this girl but I will go as long as I can and then just sit on them and use a kayak paddle to navigate.

Another sport we love is jet skiing! Those things will work you out too. You don’t realize how many muscles you use on a jet ski until you ride one a few hours without stopping.  
But one of our best favorite activities is tubing! (Ouchy Wawa!)
That is like skiing for the old folks! I love seeing my friends in their 60’s water skiing but that is a sport that I could barely do in my twenties.  
So probably not in the cards for this girl at this ripe old age of 54.

I will have to say one of my favorite water activities (if you can call it one) is blowing up our big 8 person float and just float down the cove or tying  it to our dock when it is warm and sunny and just soaking up the rays and the good conversations with friends and family.(I know. Not many calories expended there) But still a personal fave!

Regardless of your fitness level or sporting fortitude, there is 
Something for you at Richland Chambers!  ....Julie

Summer fun!

The Shores Clubhouse.
(This is an older picture, a couple of the machines are different now)

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