Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Boat Show Fun!

Good Friends, good times at the Dallas Boat Expo!

Last Friday was the first day of the DFW Boat Expo otherwise known as the Boat Show at Market Hall.  It is always free on the first night so we headed up to Dallas With some neighbors and friends, John and Judy Baker.  

Funny thing was the first time we ever met these guys was at the boat show 9 or ten years back. We quickly became fast friends because we share the same love for all  things related to fun, lake and boating and so we thought it appropriate to go together since the last two times we went, we ran into them and hung out.(Evidence of small world stuff)

We had a booth at this same boat show for several years when we first opened our office at the Lake and it was always curious to us that there were so many folks that did not know the location of Richland Chambers Lake and that many had never heard of it before. Those folks are really missing out!!

This is probably due to the fact that no entity  has ever promoted the Lake at the boat shows other than a  few developers, Oak Cove (in the early days)  and a few real estate brokerages  along the way including yours truly.   

It has been a couple of years since we attended the boat show.  The last time we went was in 2105, we became the proud and blessed owners of a 2015 Bennington Red Tritoon boat!  We had owned a 2001 Bennington prior and knew that we needed a  new one  after  breaking down in the middle of the lake on a hot summer afternoon with temperatures soaring at over 100 degrees.  I’ll never forget our embarrassment nor  the lucky guy who happened to be our client and passenger that day who was not exactly thrilled and was smoldering in his seersucker slacks and polo shirt(Not exactly boat attire.)
It was not a great day but it did lead to beautiful memory shortly thereafter when Ruby was delivered all bright and shiny after our trip to the boat show that year.

2015 Bennington 

We have a history of taking advantage of the boat show “specials”.  
We have found the deals are always better and I am frugal by nature.  
When we first opened the office, we were invited on a Seadoo Sunday outing with some friends we met at the lake.   We had never ridden a jet ski and so we borrowed a Kawasaki
From some friends, the Woods.  John and I started out that day with excitement and anticipation.   The 10 of us would ride from boat house to boathouse saying hi to other friends and hanging out along the way.  We ended up at our first stop that day over at some friends, the Capallos.  As we approached, we slowed down, John made a small shift in direction and bloop, we both ended up in the water. (My Chanel sunglasses are still at the bottom over there if anyone needs a pair.). That was just  the first of many pair to lose in this lake!.  Long story shortened,  I was like a beached whale trying to get back up on that Kawasaki without a step, so our good friend and neighbor, Dan Wilkie was kind enough to let me up on his Seadoo (it had a step) with him and I could easily maneuver myself up on it!  

Richland Chambers Veterans
I will have to say that motorcycles scare me to death so I was shocked and surprised that I fell in love so quicklywith jet skiing and particularly the Seadoo!   It was the following weekend we went to our first boat show and I became the proud new owner of the  Seadoo of my choice……. A beautiful Red Wake 155.  Shortly thereafter, John also got his first seadoo, the Wake 255.  We decked them out with REMAX logos and ran all over this lake delivering contracts and meeting up with buyers to see properties and houses.     
2018 Seadoo 300 RXT-X

Many years have passed, and recently we have been on the look out for the color red to replace our older and tired models.
It has been very difficult to find the right colors,  Seadoo has been manufacturing all these funky new colors and no red ones!  Well last night at the boat show, we wandered around for a couple of hours trying to find red ones.

Interestingly enough, red is still hard to find but we were able to find some pretty cool gray ones with red trim 
So we are now the proud and excited owners of our second set of Seadoos!  This time we bought the 300 model.

So, see you on the lake this year!  We will be coming by to say hi on our spiffy new Seadoos and we are so excited.

Parker having a good time!
Oh and…a word of warning.  Do not go to the boat show unless you want to have a great time and be tempted by all the wonderful things of water!   

Trying to get John to sign on the bottom line
Good looking ride!

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