Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Home Construction on Richland Chambers The Slab

Plumbing rough-in, forms and beams

Post tension cables

This is the 2nd installment of the house building chronicle:   One of the requirements of building in The Shores on Richland Chambers is the engineering process for your slab.  We got the drawings and turned them over to the concrete contractor.  He took them and got started forming and digging the grade beams.  We selected a plumber after reviewing several bids and they came to rough in the slab.  Once the plumber was done I called our local Orkin franchise to 'pre-treat' the slab.  They came out and sprayed really good stuff around all the plumbing openings in the concrete.  This will seriously dissuade any bugs with the intention of coming inside form underneath.  This is step one of their process.  They will come back after the house is just about done and spray around the edge of the foundation.
Slab pre-treat

Slab pre-treat

Pump truck to place the concrete
 Once the pre-treat was done our concrete contractor came back and continued preparing the slab. They finished and reinforced the forms,  laid  plastic moisture barrier and placed the post tension cables along with some rebar.  Early the next morning  concrete trucks started to arrive.  Since our lot is fairly narrow and the slab is pretty large a pump truck was necessary to place the concrete.  All the concrete was poured at the same time for what is referred to as a 'monolithic' pour.  Which simply means it is all one big piece.
The truck is controlled remotely

Placing concrete

Placing concrete

Finished slab

Once concrete is poured it is there. You have to think through everything that needs to go in the floor. I would have done a couple of thing differently at this point, nothing earth shaking, but definitely causing a little extra work to get accomplished now.

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