Sunday, December 1, 2013

Richland Chambers Lake, try before you buy

Thinking about property on Richland Chambers Lake?  Maybe you would like to see the lake and spend some time checking it out?  How about staying a couple of nights or more in a house or condo on the water?  We have 3 waterfront residences available for short term, vacation lease.  You can come and enjoy the peace and quiet of RC lake and experience the beauty the Lake has to offer.  All 3 of our residences are located in the central area of the lake, just a little more than an hour south of Dallas. There are 2 vacation rental homes in the Hidden Oaks neighborhood and one condo in the new Northshore Harbor Condominiums.  All 3 residences are fully outfitted for a relaxing stay at the lake.  For more information visit the webpage:
Pier at 407 Hidden Oaks

Living area 407 Hidden Oaks

Northshore Harbor Condos

Northshore Harbor Condos

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