Monday, December 2, 2013

Richland Chambers Lake Home Construction part 3 framing

Framing a house is the exciting part. Watching the "bones" of the house go up and the shape of it coming together is fun to watch. Framing is dramatically important in several ways.  The structure must be solid and sound with everything properly supported and connected.  2x4's and 2x6's are usually used for studs in the walls and window and door headers are normally larger pieces.  Depending on the spans of a particular area an engineer can determine the size and type of beams or trusses needed to carry the load.  In our house in The Shores on Richland Chambers we have 24" laminated beams in a couple of places.  A good framer can really help develop the looks of the house in several ways.  Window heights, opening sizes and locations just to name a few.  Take into consideration locations for breaker boxes, water heaters, AC units and built in cabinets during this stage. 

 Most framers will also install the roof decking, wall sheathing and build the soffits. Different types of house wrap and vapor barrier sheathing can be used.  We opted for regular house wrap since we are planning on using foam insulation.

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