Friday, December 6, 2013

'Big Chill' coming to Richland Chambers

Rooter says "Bundle up!"
Like most of the country cold, cold temperatures are here at Richland Chambers Lake.  I actually saw a boat trailer at the ramp at  FM 2859 late yesterday afternoon.  The temperature was already in the upper 30's and the wind was blowing pretty good so talk about a hearty soul!  It takes true adventuresome spirit to be out on the lake in this weather.  

So we all know to take the necessary precautions in freezing temps, right?  Cover the outdoor spigots, bring in or cover the tender vegetation and make sure you have plenty of firewood.
What other things do you need to know about Lake Life in the extreme temps?  On Richland Chambers a lot of people have lake-fed irrigation systems.  The pumps are usually located in the boathouse or on the shoreline, normally in an enclosure.  These systems are susceptible to the freezing temperatures.  They need to be drained prior to freezing weather.  Usually a drain plug or drain valve is located somewhere in the system.  Removing the plug or opening the valve is all that is necessary.  The system drains and you're set.

Also it is common for a boathouse to be equipped with fresh water for fish cleaning and things like that. The water supply should be cut off and the drain valve should be opened to drain this system as well to keep from having to make costly plumbing repairs.
The low tonight is forecast to be around 21 degrees, wow that is cold for us!  Bundle up

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