Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Richland Chambers Lake Level February 2015

Richland Chambers Lake level is still at historic lows as of February 4, 2015.  Today Richland Chambers is at 304.88' msl which is 10.12' below pool level.  Oak Cove Marina and Fisherman's Point Marina are still launching boats and fishing season is right around the corner.  We have been getting some rain and the lake has come up about .7' from the low point this year.  
The Richland Chambers Watershed covers 1957 square miles and touches 6 counties. We must get enough rain in the watershed to push Richland Creek and Chambers Creek out of their banks to make the lake fill.  
Chambers Creek
The recent rain had Chambers Creek running at a little over 11 ft for about 12 hours or so, (8.5 ft over normal flow) but well below the flood stage of 24 ft.  
Chambers Creek feeds out of Bardwell Reservoir and represents the largest part of the Richland Chambers Lake watershed. 

October 2009 looking over the spillway
 towards the Trinity River 
Chambers Creek Flood Categories
Normal flow      approx. 2.5 ft
Major Flood Stage          30 ft
Moderate Flood Stage    27 ft
Flood Stage                     24 ft
Action Stage                    22 ft

Chambers Creek Recent Crests
(1) 24.99 ft on 05/14/2014
(2) 30.16 ft on 03/21/2012
(3) 29.16 ft on 01/27/2012
(4) 27.78 ft on 09/10/2010
(5) 24.13 ft on 03/25/2010

Chambers Creek Historic Crests
(1) 32.57 ft on 12/21/1991
(2) 31.51 ft on 12/21/1997
(3) 31.24 ft on 10/20/1993
(4) 31.12 ft on 06/06/1986
(5) 30.73 ft on 05/18/1989

Here is a chart of the Richland Chambers Lake Level going back to January of 1990, (shortly after the lake opened to the public) to about the first of November 2014.
More in the next post....

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