Saturday, February 6, 2016

Life is Good on the Lake

The FOG back in action at Harbor Inn!

Ok for those who know me, you probably know this story or at least parts of it.  I've learned to present a cliff notes version, so here we go..
On Oct 3, 2015 I had the unthinkable happen to me, I had a heart attack.  Why unthinkable?  I'm 52, very active, always busy still 30 years old in my mind and just never thought it would happen to me.  Thanks to God, modern medicine, helicopters and the incredible love and support of my family and friends I am now on the road to recovery. Hopefully in a few months I'll be back and in better shape than before.  

The afternoon of  the heart attack

Oct 3_2015 myself and a friend, Michael Landon went out fishing on a Saturday evening.  We took off from the Shores and went to some spots on the south side of Richland Chambers to catch Sand Bass. We were catching fish and having a good time when I started feeling bad and then worse and worse.  Within minutes Michael started heading back to the dock. 
After an surreal 4 days or so involving an Air Ambulance ride, middle of the night procedure and several day stay in Baylor Hospital in Dallas, I was back home. I had survived.  

Sunrise on our boathouse one week after my heart attack

There are lot's of reasons why I had a heart attack that I now understand. My lifestyle and particularly diet have changed.  Thanks to my beautiful wife Julie for her love, companionship and immense support that are making me heal. I'm also thankful for the outpouring of love and support from all my wonderful friends.  It has been incredible.  The first picture is from last friday night. The FOG was back and it was an absolute magical night for me. The place was packed and everyone was great. Kind of represents getting better I think... (a big thanks to my bandmates, Vernon, Gary and Brad)

Record high lake level for Richland Chambers

When the lake filled last May the phone began to ring and the market picked up big time.  We had a whirlwind summer, doing almost  a year's worth of business in about 6 and a half months. It was wild. Thanks to all our clients first of all, and thanks to our staff and all the service providers who helped us get it done.  Waterfront home sales were very good and lots picked up some as well.  We also sold quite a bit of land last year in Navarro and Freestone Counties, some beautiful places.

Rehab on the boat dock

When I went down  Julie stepped in and does what she does best, help buyers and sellers buy and sell real estate. She is amazing and took care of every detail of the things on my plate.
So I've been able to rehab at our home in The Shores, working as much as I could.

We did see a record lake level on Richland Chambers Lake during October. The boathouse deck was about 10" under water.

Finally feeling better, band practice with The FOG
Now I feel better and am getting back to normal.  The market has started off very busy this year around Richland Chambers.  So it looks like we'll have a busy spring.  I'm looking forward to lake tours on the new boat and actually have one scheduled for this next Thursday afternoon. It is supposed to be clear and in the 70's.
Life is good on the lake....
Full Circle, first time on Michael's boat since that fateful night
A rehab project with my son Parker's help
First boat cruise after feeling better, two days before Christmas

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