Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What to Look for in a Lake Lot

What is the absolute #1 most important factor to keep in mind when looking/choosing a lake lot?  What do I really need to know about lake property?
Ah, "Questions 67&68" ... (can't help it, been a Chicago fan since I was 14).

But really, buying a piece of property is an important decision and should be done carefully. So the most important thing to remember is choose something you like!  Seriously! There are important factors to take into consideration during the selection process but ultimately choose something you like, somewhere you want to spend a lot of time.

On Richland Chambers Lake there are more than 300 waterfront lots for sale, priced from $19,900 to $1,000,000+.  So no matter how you slice it it is a process of elimination.

Location, Location, Location.....
Richland Chambers Lake is a big place so driving from point A to point b can vary significantly. Which direction will you be coming from most of the time, or which direction will you be going most of the time?
There is good water, depth and views, in most neighborhoods around the lake depending on your location within the neighborhood.
Is sunrise/sunset  important to you? How about open water vs protected water? Trees? ...  Are you primarily a fisherman or do you like water sports or both?  Yeah, I want it All!!!

There are 3 school districts around the lake, the taxes are very similar with the Freestone county portion of the lake being a little bit less.  Basic services are available pretty much in all areas around the lake;  community water, elec, phone, internet (to varying degrees), trash collection, propane service, yard services, house keepers, etc...

Tarrant Regional Water District is the governing authority for Richland Chambers Lake check them out at
Also we have a Richland Chambers FAQ page on our website

"The Build Line"

What is the "Build Line"?  The water level of Richland Chambers Lake when full is  315' above sea level. The flood stage level for Richland Chambers is 320' above sea level. The 320' level is what is know as the "Build Line".  The lake level is controlled by a 447' spillway with 24 gates. (In 27 years of operation the highest the lake has risen is 317.67'.) 
Tarrant Regional Water District does not allow permanent structures, apart from boathouses, sidewalks, patios etc.., to be built below the 320' elevation.  

Also Richland Chambers Lake is fed by 2 Corps of Engineers lakes, Navarro Mills and Lake Bardwell. Both of these lakes have 25'+ flood stages and water is 'held back' during times of flooding to control the amount of water coming into Richland Chambers and ultimately the amount of water going downstream in the Trinity River.        

So it is a good idea to be aware of where the build line is on the piece of property you are considering. Check out the plat of the lot.  Do you want a big backyard? or do you want to be as close to the water as possible?  Do you want to put in a pool?
These are not the only things to take into account. There are other important items such as Deed Restrictions so research and make sure you can do what you want to do on the property.
Again what is important to you is the main thing. Do your homework, know what you are buying. Find someone who knows the area and has the information.
A local RE/MAX Agent is by far the best choice!
Just sayin....

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