Saturday, March 22, 2014

Moving day on Richland Chambers, finally

Yes it is late March and our house in The Shores is finally ready to move in. When Richland Chambers Lake fills we will be ready.  All the trim and painting is finished, the cabinets are done, floors are down, appliances are in and the punch out clean is going down today.  Our moving process will be kind of slow since the driveway has to cure for another 6 days before we can drive on it.  Everything has turned out pretty well and the yard and landscaping remains to be done.  We are getting excited about being at Richland Chambers Lake all day every day and being a part of the community.  Our new neighborhood, The Shores on Richland Chambers, is great.  It has wonderful amenities, lots of places to be and good neighbors all around.  My original intention was to blog and document the progress of our build as we went along (didn't work out so well) but you will see some posts documenting the various aspects of the process.  I was the builder and designer, with Julie's input,  for our new home.  All I can say is that it is a monumental task to undertake while trying to make a living.  We saved some money however the process took a long time.  Best idea, find a great builder you can trust.  In the mean time some of the sources we used for materials which did save money was Floor Decor and More in Dallas and a website call Both of these turned out to be money savers in the long run.

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