Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Richland Chambers Lake house part 5, more about mechanicals..

In our Richland Chambers Lake House there are a lot of things to think about with the mechanical systems of the house.  Electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, gas, central vacuum, home automation, speakers and sound all the way down to the doorbell, when you cover it all up it is difficult to go back and change things.  A good contractor for each item who works with you for placement and access to everything is crucial.  Now that we are about to be in our house all these systems are going to be a way of life. We wired the house up with two 200 amp breaker panels to provide plenty of power for our home, the boat house and any future needs. The breakers are clearly marked for ready access when needed.  The plumber ran water supply and drainage to all the critical places by using pex pipe throughout the house and providing a manifold for individual control of each part of the plumbing system.
Our HVAC system is really cool... we have 2 - 5 ton, 20 SEER, high efficiency units with a damper system for separate control of the upstairs portion of the house.  These things have an outdoor temperature/humidity sensor. They are designed to give you maximum efficiency for heating and cooling by processing the data from inside and outside the house.  Along with our foam insulation we are looking forward to low energy costs. They were installed by a local contractor here on Richland Chambers Lake, Area Wide Services.   Area Wide also installed the venting for our range hood, clothes dryer and bathroom exhaust fans. Check them out: .  They stay current with new technology and are fast, dependable and local when it comes to service.
We started the building process in about April 2013 and by the end of September 2013 the house was framed up, sheathed, roofed, the mechanical systems were in and we began hanging sheet rock.

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