Sunday, March 23, 2014

Property for sale just south of Richland Chambers Lake

 We have a great piece of property for sale on the south side of Richland Chambers Lake. 77 acres, unrestricted and you can see in the picture has some nice whitetails running on it.  The property is bordered on 2 sides by The Wilderness on Richland Chambers.  It is off of FM 416, accessed from a little road called spur 190.  I walked it with some clients a couple of weeks ago and found this skull.  Judging from the size of the rack this was an older, smart deer.
The property has utilities available to it and most of the fences are in good shape. It would make a great home site with plenty of elbow room.  It has lots of good trees, some elevation changes and not to mention you are just across the street from the third largest lake in the state.
The property is unrestricted and could be divided and developed or  made into a small ranch. It has been owned for many years by a private foundation and is now for sale.
To see the listing click here:
77 Acres Spur 190 Streetman

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