Monday, March 24, 2014

Richland Chambers Lake Level March 2014

Richland Chambers Lake Spillway
 The gates are closed and have been for a while at the damn on RC. Richland Chambers Lake level is still going the way of most Texas Lakes.  We are 7.12 feet below pool level as of March 22, 2014.  Our historic drought has seen the state's total water reserves as low as 65% in 2013 with Texas lake levels down across the state.  Not wanting to be the harbinger of bad news but we need some rain!  Richland Chambers lake level is not the product of increased demand, in fact the pump station at RC lake was shut down for a period of several weeks this winter due to pipeline construction in the area and maintenance on the pump station.  Tarrant Regional has been taking water out of the lake since day one back in 1989 and still operates one pump station on the lake. We just need rain (did I say it again?)  Julie and I have lived on Chambers Creek for over 20 years.  Our backyard has been about 150 acres of Chambers Creek bottom.  During normal conditions the creek gets out of it's banks 3-4 times a year and fills the bottom for several thousand acres.  The creek takes a few days to get back in its banks as the water makes its way downstream and the lake fills.  The same thing happens in the Richland Creek bottom as well.  When we get a good rain in the right places they open the gates at Navarro Mills Lake west of Corsicana.  Richland Creek floods and flows into Richland Chambers.
The lake will come back when we get some rain.  Check out this link:  Navarro County Rainfall History
Also get the Current Lake Level on our lake level page.  In the mean time pray for rain...

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