Thursday, July 21, 2016

Green Glow Lights!!...fixed the video...

Cruise around Richland Chambers at night and if you know where to look you'll find really cool looking underwater lights.  

I bought two of them over a couple of months time and put out by my dock. 
I've seen and caught all kinds of fish.  
The light is a really cool, ready to go unit with 50 feet of waterproof cable attached to a waterproof socket and bulb.  The other end is attached to a plastic transformer box with a dusk to dawn timer and a regular 110 volt GFCI plug.

When the baitfish are circling you can bet there's something hungry down below 

Julie calls it my aquarium. Almost every night you can see fish. Minnows, Shad, Catfish, Sand Bass, Crappie, Gar, Drum even little Largemouth Bass. 
You get a front row seat to the crazy underwater and sometimes out of the water acrobatics of a big fish chasing a little fish!
It's the little things in life that make it fun and this is definitely one of them. I bought mine online from: 

They were very easy to install.  I just screwed the transformer box to the pole on the boathouse. Then tied the weight (provided) on the cable at the depth I wanted. (The water under our boathouse is 8-9 ft so I set them about 4 feet off the bottom.)  Then dropped the weight and light into the water and plugged it in. No big deal and now I go out at night and see who's in the neighborhood. Life is good on Richland Chambers Lake!

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