Monday, July 18, 2016

The difference between Richland Chambers Lake and every other Texas lake

People come to Richland Chambers Lake all the time and ask the same question, "Why aren't there more homes and people out here? 

After being out here for more than 8 years now and immersing ourselves, our business and daily lives into all things Richland Chambers I have a much better grip on the answer.

Part of the reason is our 'out in the country' location.  The lake is about 15 miles South East of Corsicana, a small town of about 25,000 people. (Take US 287 southeast towards Palestine off of I45 about 15 miles to find the lake.) Corsicana is the largest town around and has the basics. Downtown Fairfield is 18 miles from the damn and Palestine is about 40 minutes or so on down 287. Athens is not far to the east and lots of little towns around.   We're an hour+ southeast of Dallas and an hour and 1/2 a half solid to DFW airport. Not too far to get your big city fix.  

But, the biggest reason sometimes you feel like
you have the place to yourself out here is: 

The Richland Chambers Lake Area Improvement Zoning Ordinance

In the late 80's the Texas State legislature recognized the economic significance that a lake could have upon a community. Often substantial, but sometimes not so great or enduring. So in 1987, they passed a law that provided for zoning on lakes completed after 1985.  Impounded in 1989 Richland Chambers was only lake to which that statute applied. If you're so inclined check out (sections 231.071-231.083 of the Local Government Code).

Here is a link to the ordinance on the State of Texas website:
Richland Chambers Lakeshore Area Zoning Ordinance

The Ordinance covers the Navarro County portion of the lake which is by far the lion's share of the shoreline. Just the fact a zoning ordinance is in place has controlled the growth around the lake. Along the shoreline there are a series of nice neighborhoods and a lot of beautiful scenery.  Commercial development is very limited, there are only a few public access boat ramps and there are no overnight parks apart from the marinas. 

Speaking of marinas there are 4. Oak Cove Marina and Northshore Marina are centrally located. Sunset Cove Marina is north on the Chambers Arm and Fisherman's Cove Marina is on the south side down by the damn. 
The only other commercial operation on the lake is Fisherman's Cove Lodge located off of FM 309 south of US 287.  They offer guided fishing and hunting trips, cabins and breakfast.  

So the long and short of it is that the Zoning Ordinance has allowed Richland Chambers to become a very peaceful, quiet, uncrowded paradise.  

So get here as soon as you can, it won't always be this way

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