Monday, February 25, 2013

The FOG 2-22

Thanks to everybody who came to The Harbor Inn last Friday night. We had a great time! In the picture it is me, Vernon Bryder, Gary Poe and Bobby Perry. We call ourselves The FOG.
I have been very blessed in my musical career of some 38 years beginning with Middle school band. (I was so cool!!). I have had the incredible privilege of playing with a handful of very, very talented musicians. Back in 1981 I played with Rodney Harding on drums and Dave Wilson on guitar. They are both virtuoso musicians and brought me way up as a young bass player and vocalist. Weplayed a lot of Led Zepplin and Rush in those days.
Then came Julie's great uncle, Buck Sloane, who, in his mid 80's, is in the Western Swing Hall of Fame in OKC. I have learned over 26 years playing bass at uncle Buck's side to appreciate the beauty that is Traditional Western Swing. I am an honorary Buckshot of Buck Sloane and The Buckshots.
Now I have the great privilege of playing with these guys in The FOG! Just figuring up off the top of my head between those 3 there is at least 120 years of musical experience!! No wonder we are the ___ Old Guys.


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