Monday, February 25, 2013

Boat House construction 1.2

The boat house continues. Rchland Chambers Area Construction is proceeding very nicely. We had some rain, not enough, hope for more, which slowed everybody around at least a day. We are heading off to Las Vegas for the 40th annual RE/MAX International Convention. Yeah baby! The house building business is delayed for about 2 weeks due to me still redesigning the floor plan to fit on the lot and get us as close to the water as possible. While at the same time getting everything we want in this house. The shape of the lot has become a challenge when the wish list is pretty firm. I have to say we have pretty good water. The channel is more than 300 feet wide and the entire boathouse is only 90' out with more than 4 feet of water today. We are down about 4.25 feet today, check out the lake levels at.www.

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