Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon.....

Today they are putting the deck on the boathouse, very exciting it is getting closer.  Enough about that for today.  Buying a waterfront lot is full of anticipation of enjoying the water, boating,  fishing, swimming and seadooing (yes that is a word, look it up!).  Building the boathouse and then the house is also exciting working on plans, visualizing etc...  You must always make sure your dreams all fit on the lot.  I am in the process of re-drawing our house plans in order to make the house fit closer to the water.  The sad part is that this will delay us about a week.  The Shores ACC meets once a week on Wednesday.  It is now Tuesday afternoon, the real estate business is busy working with buyers and sellers and I have band practice with the FOG tonight.  The chances of getting the house plan ready for the meeting tomorrow is 0 to none but getting what you want is worth it!  Life is good!

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