Monday, February 18, 2013

Boathouse Construction

Yeah! Our boathouse is under construction!  Here are some shots from a couple of days ago.  Richland Chambers Area Construction is driving 27' steel pipe into the lake bed for the 'foundation' of the boat house. The retainer wall is mostly done and the boathouse itself will soon have a floor.  We have pretty good water depth right off the shoreline.  The lake is down about 4.25' today and we have right at 4 ' of water where they are working.  Tarrant Regional Water District is the governing authority for Richland Chambers Lake and all shoreline construction must be built to their specifications.  The regulations for shoreline improvements can be found on their website at: .  You can also get to Tarrant Regional's site from our website at
Driving steel pipe into the lake bed

Steel panels for the retainer wall

Valentine's Day 2013

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